At CTECH we provide a range of comprehensive consultancy services to help your business grow and develop.

We use an effective combination of innovative Business Process Transformation Mechanisms, cutting-edge Technology tools and high quality expertise To develop customized solutions to help your business compete effectively in a past paced ever changing environment and meet critical business goals and objectives.

Equip Your Staff With requisite skills to meet your customers' demands. Boost staff morale Improve Productivity, Efficiency and overall profitability of your organization by employing our highly effective staff development programmes.

We have some of the most highly qualified trainers in the region ready to assist with you by customizing a staff training program to fit your business needs.

We can create aesthetically pleasing responsive websites that work seamlessly on desktop computers,laptops as well as tablet smart phones and other mobile devices. We ensure that we create websites that capture the essence of your products and services and appeal to your target audience.

We offer an array of creative graphics design, animation and web design

Our graphic designers have experience with a variety of design applications and can help develop a compelling design that communicates your message effectively and within your budget requirements.

From business cards,animated banners and simple forms to full color personalized brochures and dynamic web and graphic design, CTECH solutions can offer a high quality, cost-effective service to fit your business or individual needs.

Flyers, Brochures, Posters, Banners, Business Cards, Letterheads, Invitations, Logos, Flash and video animations, Animated website Graphics, Screensavers, desktop themes, Banners, etc

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CTECH Solutions specializes in a variety of animation services, including, 3D animation and visualization for the web, multimedia, video and broadcast. We work closely with product manufacturers, service providers, web site designers, software developers, game developers, advertising agencies, television production studios and independent video producers and content providers.

For over 5 years, our talented team has been producing animations for logos, products, characters, television commercials, websites, games presentations, marketing campaigns and multimedia productions. We can make your visions a reality, using the very latest in animation software.

We focus on providing excellent service and creativity when working on your project and fulfilling your needs. Whether you are looking for a simple animated logo, or more complex animations for personal, business or commercial projects, we're here to satisfy your animation needs with the utmost dedication and professionalism.


How We Serve You

Some clients come to us knowing precisely what they are looking for their animation projects. However, some clients have ideas of what they need, but are unsure how to achieve the results they need. In the latter case, we take our time to fully understand and clarify all the aspects and goals for your animation projects so that they can be completed successfully.

When it comes to animation, not all customers know exactly what they want, and are seeking ideas and sound solutions for their animated product requirements. Our creative team will strive to provide our clients with a variety of ideas and options, and once a theme is selected, we can create storyboard illustrations to help the client better envision the final animation.

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The Animation Design Process

Whatever the case is for you, or your client, we ensure your satisfaction by showing the progress of the animation production at each stage of the animation or modelling project being undertaken. CTECH’s animation design process is as follows:

  1. We have an initial meeting or communication via e-mail regarding your ideas and requirements for your project. Here we discuss all initial and overall costs 
        for the project and any additional costs that could be incurred during the project, depending on the nature of that project.
  2. You will be provided with preview renderings for analyzing motions and model designs, so that you will be able to make changes and corrections at every

3. After the review process, our team implements the final updates, and renders the final animation.

4. After the animation is rendered, the final post processing, compositing and color correction are performed, resulting in the highest quality end production.

5. You are then sent the final animation, after you are sent a specific link to purchase the rendered output and your payment is processed successfully.

Please note that for every animation project we produce, we provide you with a project quotation, so there will be no surprises in additional costs as long as the initial project parameters are not changed.

Our staff invites you to call us regarding any of your animation needs. Each animation project is unique, and we treat them that way!  Contact Us directly with questions at:     1-876-632-2207/486-6198.

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